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Scoil Phádraig Naofa

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School Activities : Green Schools

February 2017

Some students made Valentine's bird feeders. Happy Valentine's Day to all of the birds living on our school grounds!   Here is a link to our Photo Gallery to see some of their work  Valentines bird feeders


January 2017

Our Green School Committee have been busy painting bird houses to give shelter to the little birds that live around our school. We hope that more species of birds will move in to this area too!

We have also made a bird watching area (known as a bird hide) in our school where we can monitor the birds that we see on school grounds without disturbing them.  Bird watching at SPN Athy


Biodiversity Green Code

Our Green School Committee composed a new Green Code to help remind us to protect and increase biodiversity wherever we go.  

When you’re learning about your 1,2,3s,
Don’t disturb the birds and the bees,
Protect the insects and animals please.
Look after habitats so they can stay strong,
Without biodiversity our world won’t last long.

By the executive Green School Committee


May 2016 Greenschools Update!!

Our garden is growing strong.  The seeds that we sowed have now grown into healthy vegetables.  Take a look at some of our pictures in our school photo gallery .......

We also built a bug hotel for insects and bugs to live in. This will increase the biodiversity on our school grounds because they now have a home that is safe.  

 Our School Garden


We carried out some research on our school grounds. We interviewed our caretaker Micheal O’Mara to find out how our school grounds are maintained.
Here is our interview:  Interview with Mr O'Mara


*************************************************************************************************************************************** We

September, 2015

We are working towards our 6th Green School Flag. The theme of our next flag is BIODIVERSITY.
Biodiversity is the variety of living things (plants and animals) in a given place—whether a small stream, an extensive desert, all the forests in the world, the oceans, or the entire planet—is called its biodiversity, which is short for biological diversity.
Click on this link to find out more about Biodiversity and why it is so important.   Biodiversity


April 2015

5th Green Flag
Scoil Phádraig Naofa was delighted to receive correspondence from An Taisce notifying us that our school and our Green School Committee were successful in their application for our 5th Green Flag on the theme of Green Homes. Over the course of the past 2 years our students have worked hard to consolidate the progress the school has made since 2006 when we received our first flag. Along with this work our pupils undertook the challenge of spreading the message of sustainability and living a greener life into the homes of Athy. Congratulations!!!!


March 2015

We are delighted to inform you that SPN is working towards its next Green Flag and now we need YOU! This flag extends the Green Schools message outside the school, into the wider community and into your homes! The aim of Green Home is to support and direct householders towards reducing waste and fuel bills by putting certain actions into place while at the same time protecting the environment.
Some of our students and parents have already filled in the Pre Green Home Survey (Survey 1). If you have not already done this we would greatly appreciate if you follow the directions below.
For those of you that have already completed the pre Green Home Survey, we would love to see your progress through completing the Post Green Home Survey (Survey 2). All of the instructions are listed below and all information on the website is data protected.

Pre Green Home Survey (Survey 1 – for families who have not yet completed the Pre Green Home Survey)
Go to
Click on ‘Register’ right hand side of page
Fill in details selecting ‘Kildare’ and ‘Scoil Phádraig Naofa, Athy’ from the drop-down menu
Click on ‘Create New Account’ at the end of the page
Once your account is created, click on the ‘Pre Green Home Survey’ and answer the questions. This takes about ten minutes to complete and the results are displayed on the screen and available in the member’s history.

Post Green Home Survey (Survey 2 – for families who have already completed Survey 1)
Go to
Go to ‘Sign In’ and input your username and password to access your account.
Click on ‘Post Green Home Survey’ and answer the questions.

Thanking you in advance,
SPN Green School Committee.


May 2014

Spring Clean

As part of our involvement in our local community and Green Schools programme Scoil Phádraig Naofa students from 4th class are assisting our local Residents Associations in maintaining their estates and helping with litter picking.

Mr Carbery’s class visited Cois Bhearu on Friday to help with a quick litter pick. The boys got a great sense of achievement from helping our neighbours and the task developed a good sense of environmental awareness and care within the class.

May, 2014

Energy Saving Tips from 4th Class students

1. Use CFL ( compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs - Robert Maher
2. Turn off the lights when not needed - Ryan Bowden
3. Go to the Green Home website and learn about energy saving - Jimmy O' Mara
4. Turn off lights in unused rooms - Mikolaj Kurak
5. Don't leave appliances on standby - Liam Maloney
6. Use a lagging jacket for your hot water cylinder - Faihso Alabi
7. Close doors - Charlie Roycroft
8. Use draught excluders - Cathal Kennedy
9. Use the right amount of water in the kettle - James McGrath
10. Plug out the charger if the device is charged - Conor Doyle





March, 2014

Updated information for Greenschools for March 2014




February, 2014

The following is a link to the Recycling Film that Scoil Phádraig Naofa Green School Committee created:




8th January, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian

We are delighted to inform you that Scoil Phadraig is participating in the An Taisce environmental programme called Green Home. Following on the successes of Green Schools in our school, Green Home seeks to extend the Green Schools message into the wider community and households. The aim of Green Home is to support and direct you as a householder with ways to reduce your waste and fuel bills by putting certain actions into place while at the same time protecting the environment. Green Home represents a partnership between the An Taisce Education Unit, the Environmental Protection Agency, Local Authorities, your school and you the householder. Together with your school, we in An Taisce would be most grateful for your assistance in the implementation of the Green Home programme. The instructions to become a member and complete the Pre Green Home survey are listed below and your information on the website is data protected.

Go to

Click on ‘Register’ right-hand side of page;

Fill in details on next page,

Select ‘Kildare’ from County drop-down-menu

Select ‘Scoil Phadraig Naofa, Athy’ from the Kildare Groups drop-down-menu

Click on ‘Create New Account’ at the end of the page

Once the account is created the new member can complete the pre Green Home survey. This takes about ten minutes to complete and the results are then displayed on the screen and available in the member’s history.


The Green School Committee of Scoil Phadraig Naofa have started bck with their W.O.W. campaign. WOW stands for walk once a week and every Friday students of Scoil Phádraig Naofa will be encouraged to travel to and from school in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Such forms of travel have been discussed previously with the students and specific attention was given to cycling and walking safely. Our committee encourages all parents to be as supportive of the campaign as possible and encourage their children to participate where possible. Students may:walk, car pool, cycle or park and stride on our designated W.O.W. days. If you wish to inform yourself a little more about road safety visit

Secondly, during this term, The Green School Committee are focusing on the waste and litter management process within the school. We have been working on creating a short film to show how S.P.N. recycle and their contribution to a cleaner planet.